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Tesla Tackles Winter Driving with Model S
Some of Tesla's best customers live in Northern Europe and making sure their Model S can continue to offer premium performance is explained in this video. - 28-Nov-2013

Yamaha PES-1 Takes to Test Track
Debuted at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show, Yamaha shows off its prototype PES-1 electric motorcycle in this track-side video - 30-Nov-2013

Autocar Takes on the Porsche 918 Spyder Electric Hybrid Sports Car
Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe takes the new electric hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder for laps around the track and comes away very impressed. - 03-Dec-2013

Danish Team Seeks Crowd Funding to Race Fastest Electric Road Bike
Future Electric, a Danish team are seeking funding to build and enter their electric motorcycle into the FIM eRoad Racing World Cup in 2014. - 06-Dec-2013

Bus Rapid Transit Success Stories
Embarq video looks at two bus rapid transit systems: Mexico City and Instanbul and their successes in reducing travel time, accidents and air pollution. - 11-Dec-2013

Test Driving the Volkswagen XL1
Auto Express takes early prototype Volkswagen XL1 super-mileage car for extended test drive on British motorways, getting more than 400 mpg in mixed driving. - 14-Dec-2013

Racing Full-Sized Electric Track Cars
Two competitors flying above London in a helicopter remotely control a pair of Renault Zoe electric cars on a 1.9-mile track that starts at London Eye and ends along the Thames Embankment. - 19-Dec-2013

Kandi Machine: 21st Century Carshare
Aaron Rockett visits China and creates this short documentary on Kandi Technology's electric carshare system, based on an automated parking tower/charger dispensing system. - 22-Dec-2013

BMW i8 Performance Video
BMW i8 electric hybrid sport coupe explained from an engineering perspective that highlights its performance capabilities due to its e-drive technology. - 25-Dec-2013

London's New Electric Hybrid Taxi
75 mpg electric hybrid Metrocab taxi introduced to London Mayor Boris Johnson. The plug-in cab will start service early in 2014. - 29-Dec-2013

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