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Eric Lindberg's First Electric Flight
The grandson of famed aviator Charles Lindbergh makes his first electric flight in a GreenWing e-spyder ultralight sport aircraft. - 11-Oct-2013

BMW i3 Production Line
17-minute B-Roll video shows production line processes for the BMW i3 electric car at the company's plant in Leipzig, Germany. - 17-Oct-2013

Fully Charged Review: Renault Zoe
British scifi (Red Dwarf) actor and Fully Charged host Robert Llewellyn test drives and reviews the Renault Zoe during a drive in Portugal. - 21-Oct-2013

BYD Qin Drag Races Eight Performance Cars
Decked out in shiny silver finish, BYD's new 303hp Qin hybrid takes on eight other cars in a drag race in China, including VW Scirocco, Subaru BRZ, Mini Cooper, VW Golf, Ford Focus GT, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII, Nissan 350Z and VW Passat CC. - 28-Oct-2013

Boeing Explores Hybrid-Electric Airliner Concept
Boeing researchers and engineers investigate the future potential of a plug-in hybrid electric airliner dubbed SUGAR Volt. - 31-Oct-2013

Cross X Electric Bicycle Wins 2013 Red Dot Design
Cross X low-cost hybrid bicycle designed by Mithun Darji, a 33-year-old graduate of National Institute of Design in India. - 07-Nov-2013

Nissan BladeGlider: The Future of EVs?
Nissan's radical new three-passenger electric car could see production before 2017, it's being reported. - 09-Nov-2013

Mercedes Touts Electric Drive
Life can be electrifying for two couples who get to drive a pair of Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive sedans in this 'feel good' promo video aimed to potential buyers of rival BMW's i3 EV. - 13-Nov-2013

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Alter E-Bike Debuts
Demonstration of Alter H2 (hydrogen) fuel cell charged electric-assist bicycle co-developed by Gitane, Pragma Industries and Ventec. - 16-Nov-2013

Electric Volocopter Makes First Unmanned Flight
e-Volo's all-electric VC200 Volocopter makes first unmanned flight inside hanger in Karlsruhr, Germany. Web site. - 22-Nov-2013

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