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Across America By Evelo Electric Bike
Sit-down video interview with Boris Mordkovich, the Chief Electric Officer and co-founder of Evelo Electric Bicycles, headquartered in New York City during stop-over of his transcontinental tour in Omaha, Nebraska. - 09-May-2012

Averting Rubber Disaster
Skype video interview with Dr. Thomas Sharkey and his work on bio-isopremes as a way to produce the key ingredient needed to make rubber, the principle source of which are cloned rubber trees that are susceptible to a destructive fungus -- Microcyclus lei -- that has destroyed the rubber tree industry in Brazil. - 16-May-2012

Electrifying Flight
EV World Dialogue with Rainbow Aviation's Brian Carpenter on the EMG5 electric motor glider he is developing to meet FAA Part 103 ultralight aircraft rules. Three part video. - 31-May-2012

Solar Electric Rising
Part one of three part Skype video EV World Dialogue with ecoSOLARGY General Manager Alan H. Lee on current state of the solar photovoltaic industry in the United States. - 20-Jun-2012

There's Still Life in Lead
Three-part interview with Energy Power Systems founder, chairman and CEO Subhash Dhar on his firm's development of a new type of lead-based battery for micro-hybrids. - 19-Jul-2012

David Brown on Edison2's Next Gen VLC
Two-part EV World Dialogue video interview of Edison2 COO David Brown on the Progressive X-Prize winner's Next Generation Very Light Car, which pushes the boundaries of automotive aerodynamics and energy efficiency. - 10-Aug-2012

Department of Energy: EVs 101
- 11-Jan-2012

VIDEO: GM CEO Dan Akerson Testifies in Congress on Volt Safety
- 27-Jan-2012

Driving the Nissan LEAF in Winter Weather
- 29-Jan-2012

Tearing Down the Chevrolet Volt
- 07-Feb-2012

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