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Rain Dances and Electric Car Introductions
Volvo Cars hosted a workshop on its Innovation Toward Zero, featuring updates on their vehicle safety programs and electric car initiatives. Former U.S. Senator from North Dakota Byron Dorgan addresses the government, business and media attendees at Swedish Embassy in Washington, D.C. on 9 June 2011. - 10-Jun-2011

Volvo Cars' Innovations Towards Zero
Volvo Cars' President and CEO Stefan Jacoby discusses Swedish automobile makers efforts to eliminate auto fatalities in its cars by 2020, while continuing to reduce the carbon footprint of its vehicle line up. Presentation part of June 9, 2011 workshop Swedish Embassy in Washington, D.C. - 13-Jun-2011

Innovating Safe Electric Cars
Two part video featuring Volvo Cars' Director of Special Vehicles, Lennart Stegland reviews the engineering challenges for converting the Volvo C30 into a fun, fast, safe electric car during Volvo Cars' Innovations Towards Zero workshop at the Swedish Embassy, June 9, 2011 in Washington, D.C. - 17-Jun-2011

Towards Petroleum-Free Cars
Address by Patrick B. Davis of the US Energy Department on 9 June 2011 at House of Sweden in Washington, D.C. - 22-Jun-2011

NHSTA's Role in Safer Electric Vehicles
NHTSA Chief Counsel O. Kevin Vincent addresses Volvo Innovations Towards Zero workshop at the Swedish Embassy in Washington, D.C. on 9 June 2011. - 06-Jul-2011

Electric Vehicle Battery Safety: Ener1's Perspective
Ener1 Chairman and CEO Charles Gassenheimer, whose EnerDel battery division provides the packs for Volvo Car's C30 Electric, addresses the Innovations Towards Zero workshop in Washington, D.C. - 22-Jul-2011

Bringing Electric Cars to the Masses
Experts from Volvo Cars, Ener1 and the U.S. federal government discuss the challenges of bringing electric cars to the masses. Event held at Sweden House in Washington, D.C. on 9 June 2011. This is a four-part video - 28-Jul-2011

Solar-Powered ZENN
Dave Norvell explains how the University of Central Florida's ZENN electric car is powered by just 3 175w PV panels and never needs charging from the grid. - 29-Jul-2011

Gruebel on GOVECS eScooters
Two part Skype video conversation with GOVECS CEO and co-founder Thomas Gruebel on the European-developed and built electric motor scooter. - 31-Jul-2011

Ray Lane on Fisker and EV Investing - Part 1
Three-part Skype video dialogue Kleiner Perkins managing partner Ray Lane talks with EV World's Bill Moore about the Fisker Karma, the venture capitalist giant's investments in electric vehicle programs, and consumer acceptance of electric vehicles. - 01-Sep-2011

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