Over the last nearly decade and a half, EV World.Com has amassed a huge digital repository of stories, interviews, audio files, videos, newswire links, and much more. You can access much of this information starting with the top level directories below or using the Archive drop-down menu above.


Blue Print for Energy Security
President Obama's March 30, 2011 address at Georgetown University on its blue print for energy security. - 31-Mar-2011

Making the Case for New Nuclear
Two part EV World.Com Skype video dialogue with author Tom Blees on the feasibility of creating Integral Fast Reactors that solve many of the problems facing our 50 year-old Light Water Reactors. - 04-Apr-2011

30 Million Annually and Counting
EV World's Bill Moore talks with the editor of the 2011 Electric Bicycles Worldwide Report, Dr. Frank Jamerson on industry trends in this Skype video dialogue. - 06-Apr-2011

LITO's Sora Superbike
EV World's Bill Moore talks via Skype with LITO Green Motion president Jean-Pierre Legris about their Sora 'superbike'. - 20-Apr-2011

BYD: Coming to America
BYD America Vice President Michael Austin sits down in BYD's eBus during the 2011 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting in Omaha to talk in this two-part video about its ambitions from the small 10-car F3DM fleet in Los Angeles to anticipated sales of the $600,000 all-electric eBus - 01-May-2011

There's Still Life in That Old ICE
Three part EV World Skype video dialogue with University of Michigan economist Dr. Walter McManus, director of the Transportation Research Institute's Automotive Analysis Group on the fate of the internal combustion engine. - 03-May-2011

Mondragon Revisited
Georgia Kelly has led two tours to Mondragon and in this two part Skype video, she share her insights into the worker-owned cooperatives of the Basque region of Spain. - 05-May-2011

Electric Dakar
High tension video showing glimpses of first all-electric Dakar Rally competitor and scenes from previous rallies. - 11-May-2011

nPowering Britain's Electric Car Parc
It's parent company is developing one of the largest charging networks in Europe,a and UK electric-power provider wants to do the same in Britain, as we learn in this 3-part video dialogue with Nicholas McHugh. - 14-May-2011

Ameritram: Kinkisharyo's Wireless Streetcar
Two part Skype video interview with Kinkisharyo's North American technical representative Rainer Homback on the Japanese train builder's hybrid-electric tram system that doesn't need overhead electrical wires. - 28-May-2011

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