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AMP EVs: Orders and the X Prize
Two part Skype video interview with AMP Electric Vehicles President and CEO Steve Burns about the X Prize and their filling order book for their Saturn Sky/Pontiac Soltice and Chevy Equinox SUV all-electric conversions. - 03-Dec-2010

Assembling the Chevrolet Volt
Time-lapse video showing the vehicle assembly process of the Chevrolet Volt electric hybrid at GM's Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant. - 04-Dec-2010

Volvo C30 Electric: Crash Safety Tested
Volvo's head of 'Special Car' programs talks about C30 electric car during test drive at 2010 LA Auto Show. - 04-Dec-2010

Making of the Nissan LEAF Electric Car
Nissan video shows the process of manufacturing the components and assembling the LEAF electric car. - 06-Dec-2010

John Monnett on E-Flight
EV World's Bill Moore talks with Sonex Aircraft founder John Monnett from the company's hangar in Oshkosh about the recent flight of his electric-powered Waix experimental aircraft and the future of homebuilt e-planes.t - 08-Dec-2010

R.E.V. and the V2G Revolution
Three part video dialogue with Jay Giraud, the president of Rapid Electric Vehicles on his firm's bi-directional charging Ford Escape and F-150 electric vehicles. - 13-Dec-2010

The Case for Small Electric Hybrids
EV World Dialogue with Carnegie Mellon University Associate Professor Jeremy Michalek on electric hybrid optimization. - 14-Dec-2010

His Capacitors are Super-Duper
Supercapacitors will find their way into the electric vehicles of the future, either as integrated parts of the battery pack or as critical subcomponents, and there's a good chance it'll be Nanotecture materials inside, says the company's CEO, Bill Campbell - 15-Dec-2010

Charlie Rose Interviews Shai Agassi
Part 1 of December 1, 2010 interview with founder of Better Place discussing the rationale for his electric network business model. - 19-Dec-2010

How to Read New Electric Car Fuel Economy Label
General Motor's produced video explains how to read the EPA's new dual-fuel label on the Chevrolet Volt. - 22-Dec-2010

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