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Denmark, Wind and Electric Cars
How Denmark plans to use electric cars as energy storages for wind power. - 28-Oct-2010

Beginnings: White Label Electric Cars
Skype video dialogue with MIRA, Ltd, CEO George Gillespie and GEVCO CEO Steven Woolley about their plans for a 'white label' electric car. - 28-Oct-2010

Isabella's Electric Ice Cream Truck
Skype video dialogue with Dominic and Kristel Johnson about Isabella's Ice Cream and their all-electric Model T vending truck. - 03-Nov-2010

Engineering The Electric Cessna 172
Skype video conference with Bye Aerospace president George R. Bye on his firm's efforts to create an all-electric version of the world's most popular general aviation aircraft - 04-Nov-2010

The Making of PIA's Electric Car PSAs
Documentary about the making of Plug In America public service announcements. - 10-Nov-2010

Dan Hanebrink's All-Terrain E-Bike
Champion mountain bike competitor Dan Hanebrink creates fat-tired, electric-assist, all-terrain bicycle, demonstrated in this video. - 14-Nov-2010

Electric Cars Coming of Age
Electric cars are largely in their adolescent years with growing pains and doubts lingering about their viability, but the end of cheap oil will assure their future in a post-petroleum world. - 30-Nov-2010

'Hype' PSA from Plug In America
Third in series of public service announcements produced by Plug In America. - 30-Nov-2010

Current Takes Charge of Its Future
Skype video dialogue with Peter Scott, president of Current Motors, Ann Arbor, MI about his companies electric scooters and manufacturing plans. - 30-Nov-2010

Is Renewable Energy Real?
Two part Skype video interview with Craig Shields, author of Renewable Energy: Facts and Fantasies. - 01-Dec-2010

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