Over the last nearly decade and a half, EV World.Com has amassed a huge digital repository of stories, interviews, audio files, videos, newswire links, and much more. You can access much of this information starting with the top level directories below or using the Archive drop-down menu above.


Meet the Quimera Project
EV World dialogues with three members of the Quimera Project in Barcelona about their twin electric vehicle programs via SKYPE video. - 04-Aug-2010

Automotive X Prize: Accelerating the Future
Video highlights from the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize. - 17-Sep-2010

Lance Armstrong and Nissan's LEAF Electric Car
After 20 years of cycling behind polluting cars, trucks and motor scooters, Lance Armstrong finally pedals behind one without a tailpipe: the Nissan LEAF electric car. - 19-Sep-2010

El Moto Introduces E-Bike
German-developed electric motorbike can travel at top speed of 45 km/hr for 60 km. - 20-Sep-2010

Dutch Take of Electric Bikes
Dutch-produced, English language report on electric bike adoption in the Netherlands. - 30-Sep-2010

ParkPod: Hilton's Newest Amenity
Skype video dialogue with ParkPod's U.S. Vice President, James Schaffer about the future of public charging. Part 1 of 2. - 05-Oct-2010

RCH: The Near-Perfecture Transit Compromise
Opbrid of Granada Spain has brought together European train technology, fast charging and lithium titanate batteries into an affordable public transit solution called the Rapid Charge Hybrid. - 08-Oct-2010

Driving the Lumeneo SMERA
French language video of Lumeneo SMERA tandem electric vehicle. - 12-Oct-2010

The Gigaton War
Video interview with Carbon War Room CEO Jigar Shah - 25-Oct-2010

Siemens' View of an EV World
Siemens computer animated vision of a smart grid future with electric cars at the center of the message. - 26-Oct-2010

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