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The Quest for Low Carbon Automobile Fuels
About the only thing worse than coal-to-liquid in terms of total carbon emitted in its lifecycle is corn-based ethanol, contends University of Colorado professor Jan Kreider. - 24-May-2010

China's Lanthanide Monopoly
Robert Bryce discusses the implications of an over-reliance on rare earth elements that make an EV world feasible. Two-part video recorded at Toyota Sustainable Mobility Seminar 2010. - 02-Jun-2010

Porsche's Plug-In Hybrid 918 Spyder
On pure electricity alone, the 918 Spyder can allegedly travel for sixteen miles. - 10-Jun-2010

A smart Drive to Sustainable Mobility
Smart global brand managing director Marc Langenbrinck briefs journalists on the launch of the smart ED electric car in the U.S.A. - 11-Jun-2010

Smart: Right Car, Right Time?
SmartUSA President Jill Lajdziak briefs invited media on the current status of the smart car brand in the United States during the preview of the smart ED electric car in Brooklyn, NY on June 8, 2010. - 14-Jun-2010

Smart ED: Conservation on Four Wheels
SmartUSA VP of Business Development Derek Kaufman offers insights into plans for the first 250 smart EDs electric cars that will begin to arrive in America this fall. - 19-Jun-2010

Wizards and Energy Forecasts
Bill Moore addresses the IPQC's Electric Vehicle Consumer Adaption Summit on the future of transportation in the light of peak oil, energy and the environment. - 24-Jun-2010

Masdar's Evolving EV System
Zero-carbon community in Abu Dhabi is revising its transportation plans, but the goal of electric vehicles remains the on track. - 29-Jun-2010

Porsche's Plug-In 918 Spyder
If there is any clearer indication that the tectonic shift in automotive engineering, it has to be the introduction of a plug-in hybrid version of the 918 Spyder. - 29-Jul-2010

Raser's 40-Mile Edge
What started with a Hummer, has now migrated to a half-ton Chevy Silverado that can get as high as 40 miles of electric driving range and upwards of 100 mpg. - 29-Jul-2010

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