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The 'Good Skeptic' on Climate Change & Society
Dr. Mickey Glantz, the 'Good Skeptic,' knows where the skeletons of climate research are hidden, but he also believes the planet is in crisis. Video from 2010 Toyota Sustainable Mobility Seminar. - 29-Apr-2010

The Intimate Relationship of Water and Energy
Scripps Oceanographic Institute's Dr. Michael Dettinger explains the relationship between water and energy during the 2010 Toyota Sustainable Mobility Seminar in La Jolla, California. More seminar videos available on EV World. - 30-Apr-2010

Inside the e6
BYD representative Patrick Duan gives EV World an exclusive briefing on the latest version of the e6 electric crossover during 2010 Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting. - 01-May-2010

Don't Bet Against Innovation
The world still has lots of carbon-intensive fuels, argues Stanford University professor Frank Wolak. The trouble is, we aren't sure they are good for us or that we'll be able to afford to use them. - 04-May-2010

Smart is the New Sustainable
William Shutkin sees "smart as the new sustainable" in this 17-minute talk at the 2010 Toyota Sustainable Mobility Seminar. - 07-May-2010

Electric Racing At Its Finest
Highlights from the 2010 OPPD/NPPD Power Drive electric vehicle competition finals at MidAmerica Motorplex, Pacific Junction, Iowa. - 08-May-2010

Making Hydrogen's Case
If you thought hydrogen and fuel cells were a dead letter automotively speaking, then you'll want to watch this 40-minute, 4-part video. - 11-May-2010

Q&A: Drivers of Mobility Change
Drs. Mickely Glantz, Frank Wolak, William Shutkin and Michael Dettinger respond to moderator and media questions during the 2010 Toyota Sustainable Mobility Seminar in part one of this three part video. - 16-May-2010

Understanding Middle East Oil Dynamics
AbstDr. Peter Wells explains the underlying history of the oil-rich Middle East in this five-part dinner talk during the 2010 Toyota Sustainable Mobility Seminar in La Jolla, California.ract - 19-May-2010

Energy Independence Is Solar and RAV4 EV
Documentary about family in Berkeley, California and their experiences with their Toyota RAV4 EV electric car. - 19-May-2010

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