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Aptera Heads for X-Prize
Aptera president and CEO Paul Wilbur and Chief Engineer Tom Reichenbach introduce the production design intent 2e electric car destined for the Automotive X-Prize competition. - 15-Apr-2010

GM's EN-V Concept Explained
Chris Borroni-Bird explains the two-wheeled, self-balancing, two-passenger urban concept car first debuted in China. - 15-Apr-2010

Driving the Prius PHEV
EV World's publisher shares his impressions of the Toyota's plug-in Prius PHV during 10 mile test drive in and around La Jolla, California on April 12, 2010 - 17-Apr-2010

Toyota Advance Vehicles Briefing
First of four briefings on two Toyota advanced vehicle research programs: the Prius PHV plug-in and FCHV-adv fuel cell Highlander Hybrid. - 19-Apr-2010

Denis Hayes: The Revolution 40 Years On
Denis Hayes, the organizer of Earth Day speaks at gala dinner on eve of its 40th Anniversary in Washington, D.C. - 23-Apr-2010

Time to Reassert Green Energy Leadership
Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke addresses the 40th Anniversary gala dinner on the eve of Earth Day. - 23-Apr-2010

Towards A Greener, More Equitable World
Former Irish president and UN High Commissioner Mary Robinson addresses the gala dinner for the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. on April 21, 2010. - 24-Apr-2010

Creating Climate Wealth
The Chairman of the Virgin Group, adventurer, environmentalists, and serial entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson opens the dinner gala at the 40th Anniversary celebration of Earth Day in Washington, D.C. - 26-Apr-2010

583 MPG
Plug In Conversions Corporation performs three upgrades to EV World's converted plug-in Prius, making it even more energy efficiency. - 27-Apr-2010

Creating America's Electrification Roadmap
Securing America's Future Energy President Robbie Diamond talks about the Electrification Coalition and its Roadmap to the future. Video in three parts. - 28-Apr-2010

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