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Ric Fulop on Battery Cost Projections
Jim Frierson asks A123 Systems co-founder Ric Fulop his view on the National Research Council report on battery cost projections in clip from the EDTA 2010 conference. - 10-Feb-2010

Battery Costs & Energy 'Banking'
EV World contributing correspondent Jim Frierson asks Electrovaya spokeswoman Gitanjali DasGupta her views on battery costs and the concept of 'energy banking.' - 11-Feb-2010

Protoscar Introduces High-Performance Lampo 2 Electric Roadster
Swiss-based Protoscar's Lampo2 electric concept car debuts at 2010 Geneva Auto Show. It's most unusual feature is that it boosts three AC charging modes: Level 1, 2 and 3, plus a straight Direct Current interface. - 12-Feb-2010

Begging for a Recharge
George Bailey's inductively charged electric has run out of juice and he comes begging for a recharge from the hard-hearted banker Potter in this over-dubbed spoof of 'It's a Wonderful Life.' - 13-Feb-2010

Nissan LEAF : Winter Olympics TV Commercial
Nissan begins the North American introduction of the LEAF electric car with this commercial airing during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. - 19-Feb-2010

Nebraska: Coming Up to Speed
Nebraska Energy Office Director Neil Moseman briefs Omaha Press Club on status of federal stimulus dollars for energy efficiency improvements across the state. 3-part video - 20-Feb-2010

Tough Love
Ex-Army sergeant and outspoken renewable energy advocate Robert Byrnes gives his blunt perspective on why Nebraska lags behind other states in 'green' energy development. - 25-Feb-2010

Breaking In the Chevy Volt
GM test engineer Trent Warnke talks about the cold and hot weather testing of the Chevy Volt in this ABC News 13 video interview - 27-Feb-2010

What's Wrong With Nebraska's Wind?
The audience at this Omaha Press Club luncheon wants to know why the state lags so far behind its Great Plains neighbors in the generation of wind power. - 08-Mar-2010

The [Radically Different] Future of Transportation
Five-part video of 45-minute talk by EV World publisher, Bill Moore, to high-school students at Creighton University not the forces shaping mobility in the next twenty years. - 10-Mar-2010

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