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History of Electric Cars and Utilities Intertwined
DTE Energy Chairman Tony Earley traces the link between electric cars and utilities to help us better understand what will make EVs successful finally. - 02-Dec-2009

No-Trade-Off Electric Vehicles
Ford Chairman William Ford, Jr. discusses building the fun-to-drive, no-trade-off electric cars and plug-in hybrids consumers are going to demand. - 02-Dec-2009

2009 LA Auto Show: Bob Lutz Keynote
Bob Lutz delivers keynote address at the 2009 Los Angeles in this 52-minute video, as he stands in for Fritz Henderson, who GM's board asked to resign hours before the event opening. - 04-Dec-2009

Jay Leno Takes on the Tango
Rick Woodbury and the Tango electric car are featured on Jay's Leno's Garage. - 05-Dec-2009

Reinventing Michigan
Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm briefs attendees at 'The Business of Plugging In' conference on Michigan's efforts to reinvent its auto industry for the 21st century. - 10-Dec-2009

Plug-In Cars: A Venture Capitalist's Perspective
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Managing Partner Ray Lane addresses 'The Business of Plugging In' conference Oct 21, 2009 on the need for investment in greener technologies, including electric-drive vehicles. - 10-Dec-2009

Peder Norby on BMW Mini-E
EV World columnist Peder Norby is interviewed by Earth List about his leased BMW Mini-E electric car - 20-Dec-2009

EV Education: Whose Job Is It?
Plenary panel at The Business of Plugging In conference considers the question of consumer education and more. - 30-Dec-2009

Kepler Motors Introduces Limited Production Hybrid-electric Super-car
The Kepler Motors Motion hybrid-electric 'super-car' will do 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, but this slick computer animation shows it racing down a European street with a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter... and winning. - 31-Dec-2009

Electric Sliderscooter Takes on the Snows of Cortina, Italy
Sliderscooter.com demonstrates its ski adaption on a Govecs electric scooter in the snows of Cortina, Italy. - 31-Dec-2009

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