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MyCar Virtual Ride Around Hong Kong
Promotional video demonstrates two-passenger MyCar electric car in drive around Hong Kong. - 27-Oct-2009

Plug-In Vehicles: How To Crank Up the Numbers
Electric-drive cars are coming, and soon, but are we really ready for them? That's what the opening plenary panel members discuss in this multi-segment video from The Business of Plugging In Conference May 19-21, 2009 in Detroit, Mi. - 28-Oct-2009

How To Create A Cheap(er) Urban Electric Car
CMU Professor Illah Nourbakhsh lectures on the concept of the ChargeCar project that explores optimizing an urban electric car using supercapacitors and lead-acid batteries. - 30-Oct-2009

The Plug-In Car: If We Build It, Will They Come?
Reuters/Michigan University Survey of Consumers Director Richard Curtin shares findings of consumer poll on purchasing plug-in electric vehicles. - 01-Nov-2009

Now Explores Electric Car Dreams
PBS's Now goes to Denmark to examine how DONG and Better Place are planning to green the nation's transportation system. - 02-Nov-2009

Fisker: The Next Big Shift
The founder of Fisker Automotive talks about how he came to start a plug-in hybrid electric car company at The Business of Plugging In conference. - 02-Nov-2009

The Coming Plug-In Prius: A Brief
Toyota's Advanced Powertrain Program manager for North America, Justin Ward announces plug-in Prius demonstration in Boulder, Colorado. - 10-Nov-2009

Why China Is An Ideal Market for Plug-In Vehicles
In this video from the The Business Of Plugging In conference, Yibing Wu, the the Managing Director of Beijing-based Legend Holdings gives his perspective on why China is rushing to develop and introduce plug-in electric vehicles - 13-Nov-2009

If We Build It, Will They Come?
Given the proliferation of plug-in and electric vehicle programs now sprouting in the automotive industry, what will it take to get consumer buy-in? discusses this panel of automotive experts, moderated by U of Michigan's David Cole. - 18-Nov-2009

Making the Volt Audible for the Blind
Andrew Farah, Chevrolet Volt Vehicle Chief Engineer, conducts focus group test with representatives of the National Federation of the Blind to test one approach to making the Volt safer for pedestrians. - 25-Nov-2009

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