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Tesla Comes to Omaha
Remarks of Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle during Renew America Roadtrip stop-over on 23 July 2009. - 24-Jul-2009

The Entrepreneur
Documentary film on serial entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin reveals the story behind Visionary Vehicles and the unstoppable determination of the man. - 26-Jul-2009

Driving the Mini-E
Recorded in November 2008, this impromptu video offers EV World's publisher's first impressions of the electric Mini Cooper - 03-Aug-2009

Insight Along Nebraska's Byways
We drive the 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid across Nebraska byways in pursuit of knowledge and a good wine. Video and slideshow included. - 04-Aug-2009

Better Place Places Historic Order
Video from 2009 Franfurt, Germany auto show features Better Place founder and CEO Shai Agassi making historic announcement on 100,000 vehicle order. - 15-Sep-2009

Jay Leno's Electric Car Challenge
Jay Leno introduces the Ford Focus electric car that will be used in his celebrity Green Car Challenge. - 20-Sep-2009

The Electric Car Get's A Theme Song
They Might Be Giants' music video 'The Electric Car' give the technology an even kinder, gentler face. - 24-Sep-2009

World's Smallest Electric Motorbike
Santosh Kumar creates and rides what he bills as the world's smalllest motorbike, measuring 12 inches in height, 18 inches in length and weighing 4 kg (8.8 lbs). Top speed is 10-12 mph. - 15-Oct-2009

OnStar's Volt Connection
OnStar manager of Core Technology briefs journalists in Detroit October 20, 2009 on the role of OnStar in helping develop the Chevy Volt. - 23-Oct-2009

The Business of Plugging In
Former Governor George Pataki introduces 3-person opening keynote discussion panel that features himself, PG&E Chairman, President and CEO Peter Darbee and GM VP for Global Vehicle Program Management Jonathan Lauckner. - 26-Oct-2009

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