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Responsibly Charging Tomorrow's Electric Cars
In this exclusive EV World video, Gridpoint Chief Strategy Officer Carl Lewis addresses the 2008 EDTA conference on the infrastructure to connect EVs to the grid. - 01-Apr-2009

Omaha's Got Juice Now
Plugin Conversions' Kim Adelman installs his next generation battery pack in Omaha utility's second plug-in Prius. - 18-Apr-2009

Switch: Better Place Battery Exchange Demonstrated
Video demonstrating under 2-minute electric car battery exchange system that is integral part of Better Place business model - 13-May-2009

Nissan's EV Future: A Shared Vision?
Nissan North America product development director Mark Perry briefs New York area press and dealers on the company's electric car initiative. - 13-May-2009

Driving the EV-02
Video from the May 11, 2009 press briefing and test drive of Nissan's engineering development electric car. - 15-May-2009

1920's Folding Electric Three-Wheel Car
Vintage 1920's era film clip shows unique folding electric car, assembled by two young women that can be configured as a convertible or with an enclosed cab. - 21-May-2009

Of Motorcycles and Minds
Self-taught electrical engineer Orlando Tony Parker talks about his electric motorcycle and the minds he's helping guide and hearts he hopes to inspire. - 29-May-2009

Meet the New GM
EV World video of GM President and CEO Fritz Henderson remarks on the official inauguration of the world's newest, state-of-the-art automotive battery test facility on 8 June 2009. - 09-Jun-2009

GM Battery Lab Factoids
General Motors' VP for Global Engineering Jim Queen highlights the salient bullet points on new Global Battery Lab in this video. - 09-Jun-2009

Prototype: Shocker Electric Motorbike
GoPed's Shocker electric motorbike prototype demonstrated showing innovative cantilever front and rear struts. - 11-Jun-2009

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