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Think in Winter
ElectricAid.org video on 3-day, 300 km test drive of Think A306 electric car in and around Oslo, Norway in Winter-time. - 04-Feb-2009

Selling the EV1 - Circa 1996
One of several television commercials General Motors aired in California to introduce the public to the EV1 electric car. It long has been criticized for frightening potential buyers away. - 06-Feb-2009

Tickling ZENN's Funny Bone
Canadian comedian Rick Mercer visits ZENN in Quebec and takes its founder Ian Clifford for a ride to the nearest grocery store. - 06-Feb-2009

EnerDel: State of Charge
EnerDel CEO Ulrich Grape talks with EV World at the 2009 EDTA conference and expo in Washington, D.C. in December 2007. - 07-Feb-2009

Radio Netherland Profiles Electric Cars of Europe
Radio Netherlands Worldwide profiles Electric Cars of Europe, which converts existing gasoline/petrol models like the VW Golf using AC Propulsion drive systems and lithium ion batteries. - 07-Feb-2009

V2G Gets Real in Delaware
Discovery Channel segment features University of Delaware professor Dr. Willet Kempton who demonstrates its vehicle-to-grid eBox electric car. - 07-Feb-2009

Flight of the ElectraFlyer C
CNN's Miles O'Brien interviews Randall Fisher about his electric-powered light sport aircraft. - 10-Feb-2009

Infineum Electric Bike Sports Stackable Batteries
Infineum electric bike is powered by lithium polymer batteries an Epicycle electric motor. - 10-Feb-2009

Keeping the Volt on Track
GM's Tony Posawatz sits down with EV World's Bill Moore to talk about his job of moving the Volt from concept to production. - 15-Feb-2009

The Energy of Denise Gray
GM's Director of Hybrid Vehicle Energy Storage talks with EV World about General Motors Volt battery program during the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. - 17-Mar-2009

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