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Think Global's OX Electric Sedan
Computer animation of Think Global's next generation electric car, a four-passenger sedan follow-on to Think city. - 10-Dec-2008

Th!nk City Test Drive in London
Test drive of Th!nk city all-electric car reveals details about battery lease and how it is offset by other savings from fuel to congestion charges. - 10-Dec-2008

Mini E: AC Propulsion Inside
AC Propulsion president Tom Gage talks with EV World about electrifying 500 of BMW's new Mini E electric car. - 10-Dec-2008

Tango Whoops Tesla in EV-to-EV Drag Race
In first head-to-head race over quarter mile between the Tango and Tesla electric cars, the unsexy Tango beat out the Tesla, turning in a 14.480 seconds against the Roadster's 14.666. - 10-Dec-2008

Steven Chu: Towards Sustainable Fuels
2007 speech by Dr. Steven Chu to the Meeting of the Minds conference in Oakland. - 10-Dec-2008

In Praise of the eBox Electric Scion
Current TV interviews AC Propulsion's Tom Gage and actor-producer Tom Hanks about his Scion Xb conversion, known as the eBox. - 16-Dec-2008

Braille's Racing Hybrid
Blake Fuller talks about Braille Battery's Nissan Altima Hybrid race car. - 16-Dec-2008

Readying America for the Volt
2008 LA Auto Show with GM's Britta Gross about her role in helping prepare the ground for the launch of the Volt in 2010. - 17-Dec-2008

Top Gear Breaks Two Teslas
Top Gear takes a pair of Tesla Roadsters out to its test track and blows away a gasoline Elise, only to break them both. - 17-Dec-2008

Cruisin' in the Clarity
Video test drive of Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell sedan during 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show with Honda representative Stephen Ellis - 19-Dec-2008

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