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Connecting the Oily Dots of the Economic Meltdown
Dr. Robert Zubrin's emotive case for promoting the immediate adaptation of a global open fuels standard. - 03-Nov-2008

Shift Happens
Urban Age Institute CEO Gordon Feller briefs journalists at the Toyota Sustainable Mobility Seminar on examples of sustainable mobility in urban environments. - 03-Nov-2008

Biofuels as an Economic Development Tool
Center for Strategic and International Studies Senior Associate Johanna Mendelson Forman discusses the economic importance of non-agricultural biofuels, especially Jatropha curacus, at Set America Free conference. - 04-Nov-2008

The 'Green' Side of Jack Grynberg
Colorado oil man Jack Grynberg talks about his 'green' side, investing in biofuel production in Africa in this exclusive EV World video. - 06-Nov-2008

Brain Trust Behind the Obama Energy Plan
Presentation and follow-up Q&A before the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco on October 1, 2008. - 10-Nov-2008

Making the World a 'Better Place' for Electric Vehicles
Now with Israel, Denmark and Australia onboard for developing an electric car infrastructure, Sven Thesen has his work cut out for him as he discusses in this exclusive EV World Television video. - 11-Nov-2008

Chelsea Sexton: Electric Car Lightning Rod
Chelsea Sexton is leading advocate for electric cars. She addresses the Set America Free conference in this exclusive EV World Video. - 12-Nov-2008

Shai Agassi at Web 2.0
Founder of Project Better Place on the rationale behind his electric car business model. - 13-Nov-2008

Bringing Electric Cars to the Mass Market - Part 1
Introductory remarks by EV World publisher Bill Moore at Wharton School conference panel on bringing electric cars to the mass market. - 17-Nov-2008

Bringing Electric Cars to the Mass Market - Part 2
Think North America operations manager Vicki Northrup introduction at Wharton School Net Impact 2008 panel on electric cars. - 17-Nov-2008

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