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Electric Exoskeleton Motorcycle
'Wearable motorcycle' concept invented by Art Center College of Design junior Jake Loniak is powered would be powered by lithium ion batteries and ultracapacitors. - 26-Aug-2008

Fisher Coachworks Plug-in Hybrid Bus
Video profile of Fisher Coachworks' prototype low-floor, plug-in hybrid transit bus with a projected 10 mpg fuel economy and 100 miles EV-only range. - 28-Aug-2008

Winning the Oil End Game
Amory Lovins on Winning the Oil End Game through improved energy efficiency, delivered in Monterey, CA in 2005. - 07-Sep-2008

Go Electric: Bike Commuting Made Easy
Sally Lovell's comprehensive primer covers bicycle types, battery recharging, practices and products for security, inclement weather, and road safety. - 15-Sep-2008

ERockIT Electric Motor Bike
An ERockIT will set you back the equivalent of $44,000US and you have to pedal it in order to increase its speed. - 01-Oct-2008

Oreva Group Shows Off Its First Electric Car
Video gives first glimpse of newly announced electric car to be produced by Ajanta's Overa Group. - 11-Oct-2008

E-Mobility Brings Electric Cars to Berlin
Alliance between Daimler and renewable energy leader RWE will deploy electric cars and charging stations around Berlin, Germany. English language video. - 11-Oct-2008

Duracar QUICC! DiVa Electric Van
Promotional video of Duracar QUICC! DiVa all-electric delivery van first unveiled at the 2008 Paris auto show. - 11-Oct-2008

Lifecyle of Liquid Fuels
Dr. Jan Kreider offers his analysis of the viability of liquid fuel substitutes for petroleum. - 01-Nov-2008

Confronting the Challenge of 'Soprano States'
GeoStrategic Analysis president Peter Huessy addresses the Set America Free conference on the national security implications of the nation's dependence on theocratic and autocratic regimes from Venezuela to Russia to Iran and Saudi Arabia. - 01-Nov-2008

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