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ABC Nightline Covers Tesla Motors
ABC Nightline News covers Tesla Motors prior to Martin Eberhart's removal. - 12-Aug-2008

Sherry Boschert interview about Plug-ins
Sherry Boschert dispels 3 popular myths about plug-in electric vehicles. - 12-Aug-2008

Wright Speed X1 Proves Mettle At Infineon Raceway
Wright Speed X1 electric car competes with and beats a Ferrari and a Porshe. - 12-Aug-2008

First Look at Volvo Plug-in Hybrid
A video report on Volvo series plug-in hybrid utilizing in-wheel motors. - 12-Aug-2008

Houston Family Switches To NEVs
A profile of the Peters family from Houston using NEV for local transportation. - 12-Aug-2008

London Preview of Lightning GT Electric Car
British International Motor Show displays the Lightning GT. - 12-Aug-2008

Dynasty Motors IT
Video review of Dynasty IT Low Speed electric Vehicle (LSV). - 12-Aug-2008

Neil Young's Quest For Plug-In 1959 Lincoln
Young discusses his efforts to convert a 1959 Lincoln Continental into a series hybrid. - 14-Aug-2008

The Volt in the Words of Frank Weber
Frank Weber, who heads up the Chevy Volt program at GM, addresses public questions and misconceptions about electric cars and the advantages of the range-extended Volt. - 16-Aug-2008

Pure Electric Car is 3-Wheel Wonder
Pasadena, Ca. resident Bill Provence decided to build his own three-wheeled electric car with help from his friends and comes up with a nice two-seat prototype that can do 60 mph. - 21-Aug-2008

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