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Buy This Swedish EV, Get Solar Power Recharges for Free
Swedish startup Uniti One plans to begin production of their compact electric car in early 2019 with an unusual and possibly pacesetting deal: free solar power for five years. - 09-Dec-2017

Volkswagen Explores World of Shared Shuttles
VW isn't just counting on rolling out 80 all-electric models by 2025 to deal with the emerging electric vehicle revolution. It's also preparing for a shift away from car ownership through it MOIA startup. - 09-Dec-2017

UEVs: The Submerged World of Underwater Electric Vehicles
They are one of the oldest forms of hybrid electric vehicles, and like their surface counterparts, the human is about to be relegated to the role of an observer or target. - 11-Dec-2017

Pipistrel Goes to Asia
Slovenian aircraft company Pipistrel signs accord to build two of its aircraft outside Nanjing, China with sales destined for some eleven countries in the region, including China. - 11-Dec-2017

StreetScooter: One of Germany's Most Popular Electric Vehicles
Initially developed as an electric car, Germany's Deutsche Post, repurposed the Streetscooter into an all-purpose mail and parcel delivery van.

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