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Niedersachsen Signs Agreement for Fuel Cell Trains
Niedersachsen transport authority LNVG signs 30-year agreement with Alstom and Lind for the delivery, maintenance and fuelling of 14 Coradia iLint hydrogen-fuelled commuter passenger trains. - 14-Nov-2017

The Electric Supercar That "Repairs" Itself
MIT and Lamborghini team up to create an electric car for the generation after next, one in which there are no batteries and it can drive itself. - 15-Nov-2017

Denmark's V2G Parker Project Taps Multiple EV Models
Vehicle-to-Grid capabilities achieve milestone with demonstration of connecting three different car brands: Nissan, Mitsubishi and PSA Groupe. - 16-Nov-2017

UJet Debuts Folding Electric Motor Scooter
Engineered in Germany, assembled in Luxembourg, UJet electric scooter features folding frame, roller battery and 150km range with top speed of 45 km/h. - 17-Nov-2017

Torrot's Velocipedo: An All-Weather Electric Scooter
Spanish firm Torrot develops €6,000 electric three-wheeled scooter that offers an improved level of rider comfort at a reasonable price. - 18-Nov-2017

Is the Roadster II the Next Car Tesla Should Build?
At a cool $200K, Tesla's next car, the second generation Roadster 2+2 handily out performs Bugatti's $3 million Chiron, but is that good enough? - 21-Nov-2017

SURU: An E-Bike Made In and For Canada
Michael Uhlarik wanted something affordable to get around Halifax, Nova Scotia, so he created is own electric-assist bicycle, the Suru: part bike, part motorcycle. Now he's turning it into a business. - 04-Dec-2017

First Hybrid Electric-Powered Airliner Could Fly by 2020
By 2020, Airbus, in collaboration with Siemens and Rolls Royce are aiming to test their first hybrid electric aircraft engine on a BAe146 - 04-Dec-2017

RedSpace REDS: A Private Electric Cocoon on Wheels
Admittedly, it looks like it was designed by Calvin and Hobbes, but the RedSpace REDS EV actually may be more practical than it appears. - 04-Dec-2017

PSA Group Unveils Personal PHEV
Most of us who drive cars do so with three or more empty seats. Those empty seats take up a lot of space on our streets and roads. France's PSA Group has one possible answer to this conundrum: a personal-sized plug-in electric hybrid - 08-Dec-2017