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SolarImpulse Borschberg Starts ePlane Company
Co-founder and pilot Andrea Borschberg launches company to advance the development of electrically-powered aircraft. - 21-Apr-2017

Cuba Gasoline Shortage Poses Opportunity for Electric Cars
The successful importation of the first Nissan LEAF into Havana signals the opportunity to follow up with more electric cars - 21-Apr-2017

VW Debuts ID Crozz Electric SUV Concept, Plus Others in China
Volkswagen's ID Crozz electric car concept could have a range of more than 300 miles. - 21-Apr-2017

Put Some XING In Your Street-Legal Electric Racer
Miss R can do zero-to-100km/h in 2 seconds thanks to 1,341hp of electric propulsion. - 21-Apr-2017

German Electric "Jet" VTOL Startup Claims First Flight
Two-seat prototype purportedly makes first successful unmanned test flight in Germany, paving way for future "sky taxi.' - 22-Apr-2017

Volvo Plans China-Built Tesla Model 3 Competitor
It will have range of 250 miles and a price tag somewhere between $35-40,000. - 25-Apr-2017

Jeep "Cloud" Electric Hybrid Destined for China Market
The seven-passenger SUV concept reportedly will have a EV-mode range of up to 40 miles (65km). - 26-Apr-2017

Furion Wankle-Powered Hybrid Street Bike Out Torques KTM
Furion M1 blends a 125hp (93kW) dual rotor Wankle and 55hp e-motor, delivering 180 hp of blistering torque and equivalent of 59 mpg. - 09-May-2017

Henrik Fisker Debuts 400 Mile Range EMotion Electric Car
Famed automotive designer hasn't given up on electric drive just yet, unveiling his next design meant to compete with his arch rival, Tesla. - 12-Jun-2017

First Production Model 3 Rolls Off Assembly Line
Tesla assembles first production Model 3 with plans to gradually ramp up to 20,000 a month by December - 10-Jul-2017