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MINI Rumor: Electric Rocketman Possible
The original Mini-e was the first and last to be electrified. Now there's a chance a new Mini will carry on the heritage. - 21-Apr-2016

Karma Renames Revero Electric Hybrid
The successor for bankrupt Fisker Automotive will reintroduce its luxury electric-hybrid with BMW technology and a new name. - 28-Apr-2016

Magnus Debuts eFusion Light Sport E-Plane
Two-place, all-electric light sport aircraft makes first appearance AERO Friedrichshafen in Germany. - 28-Apr-2016

Honda Clarity: Trio of E-Drive Options
Honda plans to offer customers a choice in power systems for its Clarity model line-up. - 28-Apr-2016

China's LeEco Introduces Its Self-Driving Tesla Competitor
LeSee electric car also offers autonomous driving capability along with futuristic styling. - 28-Apr-2016

PodRide Blends Car-Like Function with Bike-Like Ride
Swedish mechanical engineer develops blend between resource-intensive automobile and environmentally-responsible bicycle. - 29-Apr-2016

Volvo Being Investigated for EV-Range Claims
Volvo's XC90 T8 electric hybrid is supposed to get nearly 25-miles in EV-only mode. - 29-Apr-2016

Fuel Cell E-Plane Flight Planned Summer 2016
German researchers are planning to test fly a fuel cell-powered electric airplane. - 04-May-2016

Ukrainian EV Sets Sights on Electric Taxi Market
Constructed of wood, leather, and Bakelite, this EV sounds more like a Victoria-era carriage than 21st century electric car. - 04-May-2016

Emerald Plug-In Van Gets Go-Ahead in UK
Now owned by Geely of China, the Emerald T-001 is part of a £250 million investment that also includes London black cabs. - 05-May-2016