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Japan Tries Wind-to-Hydrogen
Electrolyzed hydrogen produced by the Hama Wing wind turbine on Yokohama Bay will be used to power fuel cell forklifts at four Tokyo businesses. - 22-Mar-2016

China Needs More E-Bikes
China's former-vice minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Qiu Baoxing sees more need for electric-bikes than electric cars. - 22-Mar-2016

America's Top EV-Ready Cities
The top EV-ready cities in the United States offer a broad range of inducements to encourage the uptake of plug-in vehicles. - 22-Mar-2016

No Battery Needed
Toyohashi University of Technology and Taisei Corp collaborate on a small electric car that is powered wirelessly while driving. - 22-Mar-2016

VW Said Pondering US Electric Car
Faced with mounting lawsuits and political pressure, Volkswagen is reportedly considering a settlement in the US over dieselgate that would including building an electric car in Chattanooga, TN. - 22-Mar-2016

How I Built My Own 'lectric Longboard
14-year-old freshman Ryan Needle uses his ingenuity to design and build his own electric skateboard. Here's how he did it. - 13-Apr-2016

Aurora Successfully Flies Scale Model VTOL X-Plane
The 400kg, sub-scale model successful flies on in first outdoors test, taking off vertically on its - 20-Apr-2016

Iranian Students Build 40km E-Bike
Can this student built electric bicycle help the city of Tehran deal with its deadly air pollution? - 20-Apr-2016

India's Tork Gets VC Funding
Launched in 2009 and successfully competed in TTX-GP on the Isle of Man, this India startup just got funded by Indian venture capital firms for undisclosed sum. - 20-Apr-2016

Mahindra Reveals Next Gen. Formula E Racer
Indian auto maker and Italian design firm team up to create a trio of possible electric race cars for future Formula E season. - 20-Apr-2016