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DARPA Imagines Electric VTOL
It's just a concept for now, but a combination of 24 ducted electric fan motors and a 4,000 hp turbine engine could make this VTOL recon UAV feasible someday soon. - 09-Mar-2016

Mitsubishi eX Crossover Coming
First revealed at the 2015 Tokyo auto show as an all-electric concept, Mitsubishi announces it will put the eX Crossover into production by 2020. - 09-Mar-2016

Hyundai Planning Single Seat EV
Beside promising more electric-drive automobiles, Hyundai reported working on a single seat electric car. Here's where they can start. - 09-Mar-2016

EVs and Eco-Conscious Voters
The kind of car you drive can say a lot about your political leanings, we're learning from mining Big Data. - 16-Mar-2016

Honda Begins Gen II Clarity Sales
Second generation Clarity Fuel Cell said to have 30% greater driving range on compressed hydrogen. - 16-Mar-2016

E-Plane Aims for Atlantic Crossing
Weighing just 750 kg (1,653 lbs), one-third the weight of the Spirit of St. Louis, this solar hybrid ultralite plans to retrace Lindbergh's flight this summer, taking twice as long as Lucky Lindy. - 16-Mar-2016

Here Comes Electric GT Racing
If all goes according to plan, there'll be a second electric car racing series besides Formula E, this on using stripped-down Tesla Model S sedans. - 17-Mar-2016

Sun Flyer Flight Tests Near
The first proof-of-concept all-electric flight trainer is now at its new home in Colorado being prepared for its first test flights. - 18-Mar-2016

Volvo Plugin Buses Ordered
The Belgian city of Namur has placed largest order yet for eleven AB Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid buses and matching ABB 150kW fast-chargers. - 18-Mar-2016

London Gets Double-decker E-Buses
Transport for London (TfL) will deploy five BYD-built, all-electric double decker buses, the first of their kind anywhere - 22-Mar-2016