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Surprising Benefits of EV Ownership
Bryn Huntpalmer discovers the many benefits of owning an electric cars. - 23-Feb-2016

EPA To VW: Build Electric Cars Here?
If VW is required to build their electric cars in America as a way to rectify their diesel misdeeds, one model worth considering is the BUDD-e. - 23-Feb-2016

Pipistrel Tests Hybrid HYPSTAIR
Billed as the most powerful hybrid airplane engine built to date, Pipistrel tests the 200kW Hypstair series hybrid power plant. - 23-Feb-2016

Philippines Sets Million EV Goal
By 2020, the island archipelago of nearly 100 million people wants to have one million electric vehicles on its roads, which unlike the USA, might actually be achievable. - 24-Feb-2016

Finmeccanica Plans for e-Flight Future
During the Singapore Airshow, Italy's Finmeccanica showcased its Project Zero full-scale, all-electric tilt-rotor mockup aircraft. - 24-Feb-2016

VeloMetro Launches UBC Pilot
Neither car nor bicycle, but a bit of both, VeloMetro's Veemo is an enclosed electric-assist trike that students at the University of British Columbia will be able to rent for short commutes in 2016. - 25-Feb-2016

Ather S340: One Smart E-Scooter
Indian startup Ather Energy took three years to develop its newly revealed S340 electric motor scooter, but it's its brains and not just its beauty that sets it apart. - 25-Feb-2016

Morgan Builds EV3
Morgan's have never been your traditional kind of sports car; after all, how many carmakers do you know that still build their frames out of wood? - 09-Mar-2016

TechRules Develops Microturbine EV
William and Matthew Jin believe they've come up with the ideal electric hybrid propulsion system using a microturbine generator. - 09-Mar-2016

Chevy Reloads Silverado 'Mild Hybrid'
GM produced the last Silverado 'hybrid' pickup in 2013. Now its bringing it back with an initial production run of 500 units destined for California only. - 09-Mar-2016