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Porsche 911 Plug-In Coming
Packaging the battery into the 911 is proving more of an engineering challenge than imagined, forcing Porsche to create an entirely new platform. - 25-Jan-2016

A $10K Tesla Model 3?
Live in California? It's theoretically feasible that you could own a Model 3 for less an $10,000. - 01-Feb-2016

Soaring Above Mars Someday
Designed by Icelandic aerospace engineer, the Perlan 2 aims to soar at edge of atmosphere where air density is similar to Mars. - 02-Feb-2016

And Now Bottled Sunlight?
A few days before German Chancellor Andrea Merkel threw the switch to power on the Wendelstein WX-7 fusion torus, Randell Mills demonstrated working version of Brilliant Light (formerly Blacklight) Power's SunCell. - 09-Feb-2016

Driverless e-Shuttles Tested In Europe
Starting back in 2014, a driverless electric city shuttle bus has been undergoing real world tests in several European cities. Their next destination is San Sebastian, in Spain. - 15-Feb-2016

GM Plans Opel EV in Europe
General Motor's Opel brand didn't have a lot of success with its Ampera electric hybrid twin of the Chevy Volt. Now its new plug-in foray will be a European version of the Bolt pure electric car. - 16-Feb-2016

Building Musk's Supersonic Plane
Building a VTOL aircraft is an engineering challenge, but one that's been solved. Building a supersonic plane also poses its share of problems, but again, it's been done. Combining the two and powering them electrically... now that's another matter entirely. - 16-Feb-2016

Riversimple's Next Gen Rasa
Riversimple's Rasa hydrogen fuel cell car promises 300 miles of drving range and 250 mpge fuel economy starting in 2018 - 18-Feb-2016

RapidE A Reality By 2018
A collaboration between famed British sports car maker Aston Martin and China-based LeEco, formerly LeTV, could see the production of an all-electric RapidE by as early as 2018. - 18-Feb-2016

Uganda Debuts First Electric Bus
Developed by Kiira Motors, the all-electric 30-passenger transit bus has a range up to 50 miles. - 18-Feb-2016