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Ford Updates Fusion Hybrids
Ford swaps NiMH batteries for lithium in its upgraded Fusion Hybrid, while also updating the battery management software. - 13-Jan-2016

GM to Import Cadillac Plug-In
Capable of up to 30 miles of electric-mode driving, the plug-in version of the CT6 will be manufactured in GM's Shanghai assembly plant. - 21-Jan-2016

2050 Motors Previews IBIS EV
Although outwardly similar to Tesla's Model S, the all-carbon fiber body Ibis is 800 lbs lighter and a lot cheaper, estimated at under $60,000 after federal rebates. - 21-Jan-2016

United Naked Build Stealthy EV
A team of shoe designers decided to use their talents to build an electric car, morphing a Lamborghini Countach into the automotive equivalent of Lockheed's Have Blue stealth aircraft. - 21-Jan-2016

Electric School Bus Announced
Most of America's yellow school buses are diesel-powered, exposing young children to what California considers a carcinogen. - 21-Jan-2016

Zoe EV Top Seller in Europe
Europeans bought nearly 100,000 all-electric cars in 2015, 47% more than in 2014, and among them, Renault's Zoe was the top seller. - 21-Jan-2016

Obama Visits Detroit Car Show
His policies helped rescue troubled industry that sold a record number of cars in 2015 and saw 400,000 EVs put on America's roads. - 21-Jan-2016

Putin Orders Russia to Focus on EVs
Sweeping executive order calls for review and modernization of Russian auto industry with focus to be on mass production of electric vehicles. - 25-Jan-2016

Charge Your EV in 15 Minutes
Swiss researchers have come up with a way to fully-charge an electric car in almost the same time it takes to refuel an ICE-age model. There's just one caveat... - 25-Jan-2016

Honda Prices Clarity II FCEV
The second generation Clarity will go on sale at the end of 2016 in select markets in California. - 25-Jan-2016