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Qoros Debuts Compact SUV Electric Hybrid
Have you seen those amazing photos of aerial refueling, as pilots skillfully guide their planes into the tanker's fueling probe? Now imagine that on an electric car. - 28-Apr-2015

Indian Fleet to Operate E2O Electric Cars
Lithium Urban Technologies will provide electric carshare services to Bangalore-based TESCO, VMware and Total Environment. - 28-Apr-2015

Singapore Tropics Taxi Moves Closer to Production
Developed in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University and Germany’s Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM), it is billed as the first developed for humid Asian climates. - 30-Apr-2015

Latvian Electric Racer Aims to Dominate Pikes Peak Hill Climb
Having competed in two previous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, Latvian automotive engineering firm eO Drive returns in 2015 with 1020 kW (1367 hp) PP03 electric racer. - 05-May-2015

Bultaco Readies Launch of Electric Motorcycle and Bike
Absent for two decades, Spanish motorcycle maker Bultaco has transitioned from gas-powered bikes to electric models. - 05-May-2015

40 Year-Old Enfield Minicar Becomes Electric Dragster
Sold in Britain, the Enfield 8000 was powered by a 6 horsepower, 48V electric drivetrain. Reincarnated as a 1000hp dragster, only the Tesla Model S P85D is quicker. - 05-May-2015

GL-10 Electric Airplane Takes Flight
Dubbed 'Greased Lightning,' this experimental electric hybrid unnamed aircraft successful demonstrates multi-engine design. - 08-May-2015

Aussie Solar Car Aims to be Street-Legal by Summer
SunSwift set the record for being the fastest solar-powered car over 500 km course, now the team is aiming to make it 'street legal.' - 08-May-2015

AirBus Commits to E-Fan Flight Trainer Production
The ultimate aim of AirBus' E-Fan electric airplane program is to eventually learn how to build carbon-neutral jetliners. - 08-May-2015

The Electric Resurrection of the East German Trabant
For decades, the East German Trabant was the butt of countless jokes, but it cost half the price of a VW Beetle. Now ReeVOLT is giving it an electric heart. - 12-May-2015