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Quartet of Foreign Carmakers Debut Plugins in Shanghai
Electric, plug-in hybrids from Cadillac, Volkswagen, BMW, and Volvo all debut during the 2015 Shanghai auto show. - 21-Apr-2015

Japan's MagLev Train Sets New Speed Record
Central Japan Railway Company engineers continue to perfect their magnetic levitation train technology, hitting a new top speed of 590 km/h. - 21-Apr-2015

NASA Develops Agile, Autonomous Electric Car
Dubbed the MRV for 'modular robotic vehicle,' this two-passenger electric car isn't all that sexy looking, but brother an it put on the moves. - 21-Apr-2015

More Electric Carshare Programs Announced
St. Andrews, famed for its golf course and Montreal, the Paris of Canada both announce plans to expand electric carshare programs. - 21-Apr-2015

Finnish Supercar Boasts 1000 kW E-Drive
1,341 horsepower is what's under the fenders of this all-electric composite sports car chassis: that's getting into the range of World War Two fighter planes. - 22-Apr-2015

Classic Italian Scooter Electrically Re-Defined
It's just a concept at this point, but if you're going to update the classic Italian motorscooter, Emo Design's ES1 is a great place to start. - 22-Apr-2015

Chevy Unveils Futuristic Self-Driving Concept Car
Specifications on its top speed and electric driving range are unknown at this time, but its styling may reflect what self-driving cars of the future might look like. - 28-Apr-2015

VV Planning Revamped Electric Microbus
In the 1950's, Volkswagen introduced its Microbus, which would go on to be as iconic as its Beetle. Like that car, VW is reportedly bringing back a revamped electric version. - 28-Apr-2015

This E-bike Could Be Safest of All
After having been sideswiped by a turning lorry, inventor Crispin Sinclair develops the Babel Bike. - 28-Apr-2015

Tracked HumVees Readying for South Pole Trek
Using biodiesel as its liquid fuel to run its electric generator, the Zero South HumVees hope to cross the 1,200 miles of polar continent's ice and snow. - 28-Apr-2015