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Dubai Studying Electric Car Incentives
Rich in oil and gas, the United Arab Emirate of Dubai is seriously considering western-style incentives to encourage its citizenry to buy electric cars. - 08-Apr-2015

Delphi's Autonomous Audi SQ5 Drives Across America
Delphi has pioneered many firsts in automotive history. Now it can lay claim to the first autonomous cross-country trip in America. - 09-Apr-2015

Electric Car Battery Costs Falling Faster Than Predicted
New study by Stockholm Environment Institute researchers finds battery costs dropping at 8% annually. - 10-Apr-2015

2015 WEC Could Be Most Competitive Yet
Hybrid Le Mans Prototype (LMP) racers have come to dominate the World Endurance Championship and 2015 may be the most competitive yet. - 10-Apr-2015

Apple iCar Likely Years Away, Predict Analysts
Apple is on track to become the worlds first trillion dollar 'unicorn' with a market value greater than the combined value of the top seven carmakers, but can it build a successful electric car? - 14-Apr-2015

Toyota To Launch Pilot i-Road EV Share in Tokyo
First introduced in 2013, the two-seat i-Road will take to the streets of Tokyo as part of a test vehicles share pilot. - 14-Apr-2015

Saroléa Upgrades SP7 Superbike for 2015
After introducing its Saroléa SP7 electric superbike, the Belgium company is introducing its commercial bike with a top speed of 168 mph. - 14-Apr-2015

China's Amazing Low-Speed Electric Car Market
When highway-capable electric cars are too expensive and too difficult to acquire for the average family in China, there's an affordable alternative emerging: low-speed electric models. - 14-Apr-2015

Tesla's New Base Model S 70D Is a Bargain
All things considered, even at $76,200USD, this reviewer considers the 70D a 'bargain' well worth the extra $5,000 Tesla added to the base sticker price. - 16-Apr-2015

Free Cycle Shuttle Helps Aging Japanese Pensioners
When you're too old to drive and its too far to walk, here's how the Murayama Danchi, a residential complex in Tokyo solved the problem: a pair of bicycle-powered shuttles. - 16-Apr-2015