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FIA Formula E ePrix Headed to Monaco
The next FIA Formula E ePrix will be in Long Beach, but organizers are already preparing for its debut in Monaco. - 30-Mar-2015

Lightweight Electric Kickscooter Uses High Tech Plastics
The eFloater weighs just 12 kilograms (26.4 lbs.), made possible by extensive use of BASF Ultramid plastics. - 31-Mar-2015

Breakthrough E-Plane Motor Announced
The new Siemens motor has five times the power density of previous electric motors found in experimental electric aircraft. - 31-Mar-2015

Japan's Zec00: Electric Motorcycle from Anime
With its drive system from Zero Motorcycles and its styling straight out of the fantasy world of Anime, the ZecOO will set you back the price of Tesla Model S. - 31-Mar-2015

15 Million Micro EVs Forecast for China
China could someday become the micro electric car capital of the world, especially if an obscure electric bicycle maker has its way. - 31-Mar-2015

Gogoro SmartScooter Pilot Launches in Taipei
Horace Luke's concept is simple, make riding an electric scooter quicker and more convenient than driving a car. - 31-Mar-2015

France Permits 14 Year-Olds to Drive Twizy EV
Having built 15,000 of the light urban runabouts, new European regulations now allow Renault to sell them to French families with teenagers. - 01-Apr-2015

China Low-Speed EVs Copy Western Models
It wasn't that long ago that a Chinese carmaker pretty much copied Daimler's smart-for-two micro car. Now two other manufacturers are following suit with BMW and VW-like designs. - 03-Apr-2015

Electric Bicycle's Anti-Theft System Proves Its Value
Bill Kiriakis' had his new Stromer ST2 less than a hour when it was stolen, but the bike's anti-theft system and GPS tracker led to its recover two hours after being reported missing. - 08-Apr-2015

Success of i-Series Prompts BMW to Offer More E-Hybrids
At $135,000 a copy, only the 1% can afford the BMW i8, but enough of them are order the electric hybrid sports couple to warrant doubling production to 20 cars a day. - 08-Apr-2015