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This 18-Motor Wing Could Be the Future of Electric Flight
NASA begins testing a highly-unusual wing on which are mounted 18 small electric motors and propellors that could pave the way to the new age of green flight. - 20-Mar-2015

BMW Mall Pop-Up Shop Follows Tesla's Lead
At BMW of North America, the Future of Retail now includes going head-to-head with Tesla Motors showrooms, starting quietly in California. - 23-Mar-2015

China Debuts Fuel Cell-Powered Electric Tram
The first production fuel cell tram can operate independent of traditional overhead electric cables, operating on renewably-produced hydrogen. - 23-Mar-2015

Chrysler Aiming to Rollout Plug-In Minivan in 2015
After many cancelled attempts to create a viable electric minivan, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles now appears ready to bring one to market as early as this year. - 24-Mar-2015

Barcelona Police Go Electric
Catalan capital burnishes its green image even more with the addition of 30 BMW evolution-c electric maxi scooters to the city police force. - 24-Mar-2015

UK Group Releases 2050 Energy and Fuels Roadmap
Automotive Council UK envisions fuel future based on blending renewable energy produced hydrogen and synthetic methane with traditional fossil fuels. - 24-Mar-2015

JIVR: Kickstarting E-Bike Beacons and More
It's electric, it folds in four easy movements and it communicates with both the rider and the world around it. - 24-Mar-2015

Opportunity Passes Marathon Milestone
Opportunity rover is now the solar system's marathon champion, inching over the 26.2 mile mark on March 24, 2015, nearly 4,000 Martian days since its arrival on the Red Planet. - 27-Mar-2015

London to Implement World's First Ultra-Low Emission Zone
Starting in 2020, driving fossil fuel cars in central London will get more expensive as the ciy's Ultra Low Emission Zone takes effect. - 27-Mar-2015

Mercedes-Benz Plans 10 New Plug-In Hybrids By 2017
Between now and 2017, Mercedes-Benz plans to introduce 10 plug-hybrid models, an average of one new model every four months. - 27-Mar-2015