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Scandlines to Power Two New Ferries with Hybrid Drives
Scandlines two newest car and passenger ferries, the M/B Berlin and M/V Copenhagen will be powered by electric hybrid drive. - 03-Mar-2015

Koenigsegg Regera to 'Reign' as Most Powerful Megacar
Swedish luxury custom maker produces limited edition, 1,500 hp supercar with an EV-mode driving range estimated at up to 50 km. - 05-Mar-2015

It's Official: Apple Sees Itself Building Cars... and Planes and...
Apple has its lawyers expand the definition of what it can engage in as a business, which now includes automobiles and more. - 06-Mar-2015

Is Ford Planning Its Own Answer to Bolt and Tesla Model 3?
Ford says Automobile's report it is working on a 200-mile electric car are 'not accurate,' but it's a safe bet to say they are studying the problem. - 07-Mar-2015

Cape Town Startup Rolls Out Watt Scooter
A pair of third year university students and their advisors have developed South Africa's first electric kick scooter. - 09-Mar-2015

French La Poste to Test Battery-Fuel Cell Mail Truck
La Poste deploys its second plug-in, fuel cell parcel delivery truck as part of an experiment to increase the payload and extend the range of its all-electric delivery vans. - 13-Mar-2015

Toyota Goal: Affordable Fuel Cell Car Within a Decade
The first Toyota Mirai fuel cell cars will go on sale in Hawaii in late 2016, but will they be affordable and where will the hydrogen gas come from to fuel them? - 13-Mar-2015

2017 Nissan LEAF: Longer Range, New Styling
Nissan currently leads the world in the number of electric cars its sold, but competition is heating up. Here's how it may plan to respond when it introduces the 2017 LEAF. - 16-Mar-2015

Mitsubishi XR-PHEV: Affordable Plug-In SUV
The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has been a sales success in Europe. Now the company is looking to introduce a small plug-in SUV dubbed the XR-PHEV. - 20-Mar-2015

How Tesla Aims to End Model S Driver 'Range Anxiety'
No, the batteries aren't getting upgraded. Instead, the trip planner is getting smarter. - 20-Mar-2015