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Autonomous Cars: Fewer Vehicles, More Miles
The University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute projects that the advent of self-driving vehicles will cut car ownership by as much as 43 percent. - 18-Feb-2015

Britain Debuts First Self-Driving, Low-Speed Electric Vehicle
The two-passenger Lutz Pathfinder low-speed electric vehicle is designed to operate at 12 mph on the sidewalks of Britain, using an array of sensors to avoid running over people. - 18-Feb-2015

Ricardo Develops Rare Earth-Free Electric Motor
New prototype 85kW synchronous reluctance drive designed primarily for electric vehicle traction applications. - 23-Feb-2015

Quadrofoil Production Plans Announced
The next generation of recreational watercraft moves closer to production in Slovenia. - 24-Feb-2015

More Cities Planning to Make Car Use Obsolete
Increasingly, city planners around the world are planning to transform their metropolitan areas into more walking and cycling neighborhoods. - 26-Feb-2015

Raht Racer: A Long-Range Commuter Option
Rich Kronfeld wanted something better than a bike and less disruptive as a car, so he created his own human-electric hybrid. - 26-Feb-2015

Audi Q7 Gets e-Tron Quattro Plug-In Diesel Drive
Equipped with 17.3 kWh lithium-ion battery, the diesel-hybrid Q7 will have an EV-mode range of nearly 35 miles and a full driving range of nearly 900 miles. - 03-Mar-2015

Ford Employees Design Electric Bicycles
Winning design out of 100 submissions incorporates cloud connectivity features that include real-time information and biometric control functions. - 03-Mar-2015

USA's Top 10 EV Cities for 2014
EV infrastructure growth and new electric car registrations propelling Atlanta and Denver into the top 10 list, while Washington, D.C. and Boston dropped in their rankings compared to 2013, reports ChargePoint. - 03-Mar-2015

HTT Aims to Build Full-Scale Hyperloop Test Track
Hyperloop Transportation Technology have secured land writes in central California to construct 5-mile test track near Interstate 5. - 03-Mar-2015