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Audi's Plug-In Yard Locomotive
Yard locomotive is first plug-in hybrid that can run on batteries alone for up to two hours. - 20-Nov-2015

Linde Rolls Out Hydrogen E-Bike
Germany industrial gas supplier introduces limited number of prototype e-bikes that run on hydrogen fuel cells. - 20-Nov-2015

SP:01 Rolls Off UK Assembly Line
At nearly £90.000, the Lotus-based SP:01 picks up where Tesla's Roadster left off. - 20-Nov-2015

Sun Flyer Prototype Revealed
Fuselage nears completion with next major step installation of avionics and then electric powerplant. - 11-Dec-2015

Citroen Gives Go-Ahead on E-Mehari
First introduced in 1968 at the height of the psychedelic era, the Mehari was a fun, open beach buggy that will now be resurrected as an all-electric car in partnership with Bollore. - 14-Dec-2015

Chevy Malibu Aims for 48 MPG
2016 Chevrolet Malibu will be priced $28,645, including destination charge, while offering 47 mpg combined city/highway mileage. - 14-Dec-2015

Pipistrel Plans 4-Place E-Plane
While other light aircraft companies are racing to offer two-place electric airplanes, Slovenia's Pipistrel is working on being the first to built a four-place model: the Panthera. - 15-Dec-2015

Faraday Future Selects N. Las Vegas
Chinese billionaire leads investor group to build Tesla-competitor in North Las Vegas with $1 billion investment in solar-powered factory. - 15-Dec-2015

A €4,800 Electric Car?
French Minister of Ecology Madame Ségolène Royal announced during COP 21 in Paris a global competition to create a low-cost electric vehicle, but is a €7,000 EV possible, much less one for €4,800? - 15-Dec-2015

Ford Promising 13 New EVs by 2020
The company is pledging to invest $4.5US billion as it plans to introduce 13 'electrified' models by 2020. - 16-Dec-2015