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Change Ahead for Georgia's EV Tax Credit
An admittedly generous $5000 state tax credit helped catapult Georgia into the top ranks of electric car ownership, now change is coming. - 10-Feb-2015

China's First E-Plane Certified
In the race to develop a certified electric flight trainer, it appears China may just have gotten off the ground first. - 10-Feb-2015

Solving the 'Mystery' of the Apple E-Car Patent
You can relax, Apple Computers isn't preparing to take-over Tesla Motors through a Florida company. - 10-Feb-2015

Pedego Recalls 5,000 E-Bikes Batteries
Batteries manufactured in China between 2010 and 2013 may short out while being charged. - 12-Feb-2015

StreetCarDrags Seeing More Electric Challengers
Matt Graham updates EV World on last month's StreetCarDrags at Palm Beach International Raceway. - 12-Feb-2015

It's Official: GM Commits to Build Bolt Electric Car
During breakfast address at Media Preview for the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, GM North America President Alan Batey confirms commitment to put Chevy Bolt EV into production. - 13-Feb-2015

Indianapolis Electric Carshare Suffers Setback
The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission denied Indianapolis permission to charge electric power customers 28ยข a month to pay for $16 million infrastructure - 13-Feb-2015

Solar Impulse II Flight Control Center Locates to Monaco
Around-the-world solar flight that will launch from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in early March, returning by July 2015, will be controlled from Monaco. - 13-Feb-2015

Cost of Ownership Can Sway Hybrid, Electric Car Purchases
A new study by University of Kansas researchers finds that adding total cost of ownership information to EPA stickers is persuasive in car buying decision making. - 17-Feb-2015

Tesla Gigafactory Price Tag So Far: $53.1 Million
Reno Gazette-Journal adds up the numbers for all the building permits on file at Storey County Planning and Building Department, as well as contractor estimates. - 18-Feb-2015