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1 Million EVs On World Roads
While total sales are still miniminiscule compared to ICE-age models, electric-drive car sales have now surpassed 1 million vehicles worldwide. - 30-Sep-2015

Peugeot Hybrid Air In Jeopardy
Should government's decide on the best technological options to reduce carbon emission, decisions that stalemate other promising approaches. - 02-Oct-2015

EVs Lack Effective Sales Strategy
For reasons of either incompetence or economic pragmatism, carmakers are doing a poor job of marketing their electric-drive models, finds a new study out of Europe. - 02-Oct-2015

New Class EV Poses Challenge
They're not your traditional motorscooter nor are they an automobile. They are a new class of electric vehicle whose place in the transportation system isn't yet settled. - 02-Oct-2015

German Car Brand Revived as EV
Artega returns after 3 year hiatus with 400 hp Scalo electric sports car concept. - 06-Oct-2015

Soki Is Chile's First EV
Designed for urban use, the Soki is powered by a 10 hp electric motor and 4.2 kWh battery. - 06-Oct-2015

Hybrid Tiltrotor Aircraft Coming
Diamond Aircraft tells Flying Magazine that it's planning to develop a six-passenger, hybrid-electric tiltrotor aircraft for the general aviation market. - 06-Oct-2015

Nepalese Interest in e20 Growing
In a land with abundant hydropower and little oil, Nepalese interest in Mahindra Reva's e20 electric car is growing. - 14-Oct-2015

Dutch Build First Electric Touring Bike
The Storm electric touring motorcycle has ground-breaking claimed range of 380km (236 mi) per charge. - 14-Oct-2015

Aston Martin Tapped for China EV
LeTV hopes to introduce its first electric car concept, co-developed with Aston Martin, in 2016. - 14-Oct-2015