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'Autonomous' Energy Vehicles Also the Future
New report predicts electric energy independent vehicles or EIVs will be most important megatrend of the 21st century - 11-Sep-2015

Jaguar Land Rover Reveal Trio of E-Drive Concept SUVs
Land Rovers are famous for the rugged panache. Now they appear to be slated for an electric-drive upgrade; three of them, in fact. - 16-Sep-2015

Audi Debuts E-tron Quattro Concept
Audi's answer to Tesla is a squat-roofed four-door, all-electric sedan with 310 miles range and 50-minutes recharge time. - 16-Sep-2015

Porsche's 'Better Than Tesla' Concept EV
From EV World's perspective, we thrilled that so many carmakers are starting to take Tesla and EVs seriously and the Mission E is the perfect example of what competition can produce. - 18-Sep-2015

Mercedes Promises Its Own Tesla Challenger
Audi, Porsche, and now Mercedes all are taking aim at the 300+ mile electric car crown. - 18-Sep-2015

Nissan Gripz Is Wildest Plug-In Yet
It's not an SUV nor is it a sports car, instead the Gripz concept melds features of both with an extended-range EV. - 18-Sep-2015

Peugeot Fractal Designed for Sound
Eighty percent of Peugeot Fractal is 3D printed, but it's the acoustics that make this electric concept car special. - 19-Sep-2015

Agile BMW i3 Joins LAPD
Some pundits call a police version of BMW's i3 electric car 'puny' but its quicker than a Crown Vic and more nimble. - 21-Sep-2015

Antique Goes For Tesla Price Tag
Unlike many automobiles, this antique EV appreciated in value, originally selling for the equivalent of $71,000 in 2015 dollars and going for more than $95,000. - 30-Sep-2015

NEV's Gaining Popularity
Golf cars and neighborhood electric vehicles or NEVs are becoming popular alternatives in planned communities. - 30-Sep-2015