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Audi Aims to Debut Model-X Competitor
After much delay, Tesla is slated to begin Model X deliveries in a few weeks, but breathing down their neck is Audi with its own take on the electric SUV - 29-Aug-2015

Chrysler Plug-In Minivan Introduction Slips Again?
No one offers an electric hybrid minivan, offering Chrysler Fiat the advantage to be first to market, but the scheduled into late this year may have slipped nearly a year. - 03-Sep-2015

This Electric Kickscooter Tranforms into Cargo Cart
Norwegian industrial designer creates versatile kickscooter concept that also doubles as a cargo carrier. - 03-Sep-2015

Ubco Builds Electric 2X2 Trail Bike
It could be the perfect 'workhorse' for farm and forest with its dual 1000W motors and 40A/h battery designed to also run power tools. - 03-Sep-2015

Fantic Offers Fat Tire E-Bikes
Italian motorcycle maker rolls out pair of fat tire electric bicycles using German mid-drive motor. - 09-Sep-2015

Rimac Team Takes Aim at Fast E-Bikes
The G12S comes close to being a motorcycle, allowing it to more safely mix with motor vehicle traffic, and still 'legally' be used as a bicycle. - 09-Sep-2015

Revived SPA Lauches Bicicletto e-Bike
A century ago, SPA built fast cars, then military trucks for Mussolini. Now they're back in business, this time with a carbon fiber e-bike. - 09-Sep-2015

Toyota Debuts Generation IV Prius
New Prius hybrid is expected to show a 10 percent improvement over previous generation's fuel economy. - 11-Sep-2015

Mercedes Planning 500 Kilometer Electric Car
Range equal to more than 300 miles would exceed the range of Tesla's Model S electric sedan. - 11-Sep-2015

Flux Capacitor Sets New Speed Record
Tiny, 1970s-era electric car sets new speed record for its class on UK track. - 11-Sep-2015