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e-Raw: From Concept to Prototype in 50 Days
The prototype E-Raw electric motorcycle blends age-old, hand-crafted technologies with modern CNC milling and lots of sweat. - 18-Aug-2015

Brits Offered Up to £50K Interest-Free EV Loans
With more than 500 public charging stations in Scotland, alone, interest in electric cars is growing in the UK and the government is now making it easier to buy them. - 18-Aug-2015

NASA Selects Electric Airplane Design Winners
Challenged to design four-place all-electric airplane, some 20 universities entered with Georgia Tech winning in the graduate category and UC Davis in the undergrad class. - 18-Aug-2015

Did '60 Minutes' Get a Model III Sneak Peek?
During an interview with Tesla's Elon Musk by Australia's '60 Minutes' viewers got a quick look at a full-scale clay model of what might be the Model III. - 18-Aug-2015

Apple Reportedly Looking for Test Track Time
The circumstantial evidence keeps piling up that Apple is working on a self-driving electric 'iCar.' Now the Guardian in the UK has come into possession of some interesting correspondence. - 18-Aug-2015

China's 'Netflix' Reveals Electric Le Supercar
China's LeTV founder and billionaire Jia Yueting has set his sites on Tesla, hiring and poach talent from BMW, GM, and Tesla to build his electric supercar. - 28-Aug-2015

HyperLoop Team Grows
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum and Aecom join Hyperloop Transport Technology to turn Elon Musks wild-eyed idea into reality. - 28-Aug-2015

This Solar-Powered Sports Car Has Infinite Range
As long as the sun shines and you drive at a leisurely urban speed of 35 mph, the range on this solar-powered two-seater is infinite. - 28-Aug-2015

Venturi VBB-3 Settles for New Mile Speed Record
For the third year in a row, Venturi has been prevented from attempting to break the 500 km/h speed record for electric vehicles, but it does head home with a new one-mile record. - 29-Aug-2015

Go-e Introduces Detachable E-Bike Motor
It weighs only 850 grams and can propel your bicycle up to 25 km/h, all the while being able to fit on nearly any bicycle. - 29-Aug-2015