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Gogoro Starts Electric Scooter Deliveries
Taiwanese buy-the-scooter, rent-battery company Gogoro begins delivery of first 400 pre-ordered electric scooters. - 29-Jul-2015

Terrafugia Reveals Hybrid Flying Car Concept
Considered a 10-year development project, company displays wind tunnel model at annual EAA Flying in Oshkosk. - 29-Jul-2015

Volkswagen to Sell Folding 'Last Mile Surfer'
It folds and stows in your truck, yet offers up to 12 miles of 'last mile' travel range. - 29-Jul-2015

Airbus Start Designing 100-Seat Diesel-Hybrid Airliner
Goal is to develop short-haul airliner powered by hybrid-electric propulsion system by 2032 - 05-Aug-2015

Dream Spawns $32K Tesla Clone in China
28-year-old CEO Huang Xiuyuan assembles team of 50 engineers and creates a half-priced knock-off of Tesla's Model S - 05-Aug-2015

Empulse TT Emerges with Victory Badge
Acquired by Polaris' Victory motorcycle brand, the former Brammo R gets some minor tweaks and a $1,000 price boost. - 05-Aug-2015

Audi Aggressively Prices A3 e-tron for US Market
Electric hybrid crossover base model could be priced competitively against 2016 Chevrolet Volt after $4,200 federal tax credit. - 07-Aug-2015

Meet the Lightest E-bike on the Planet
The lead in the race to build the lightest and most compact electric-assist bicycle may just have been taken over by the A-bike out of England. - 07-Aug-2015

Chevy Volt II Gets Better Range and MPG
GM's flagship electric hybrid 2016 Chevrolet Volt is not just good looking, it's a more energy efficient sedan with seating (almost) for five. - 07-Aug-2015

Copenhagen Adds 400 BMW i3 to Carshare
In early September, Arriva's DriveNow carshare program will introduce 400 BMW i3 electric cars in the Danish capital. - 18-Aug-2015