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Drawings of Next Generation Prius Purportedly Leaked
Taiwanese web site releases images and specifications for what is claimed to be the 4th generation of the Toyota Prius - 10-Jul-2015

Airbus E-Fan To Make English Channel Crossing
Two-plane trainer prototype will be second electric airplane to attempt crossing of the English Channel with flight attempt scheduled for July 10, 2015. - 10-Jul-2015

Report Tracks USA E-Bike Imports
eCycleElectric report identifies electric-assist bicycle imports into the USA by brand for 2014-2015. - 15-Jul-2015

The IoT and Future of Connected Cars
The connected cars of the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) are already on their way. Ready or not, here they come. - 15-Jul-2015

EV World Spin-Off Quikbyke Launches Kickstarter
Quikbyke Kickstarter sets ambitious 30-day crowdfunding goal of $275,000 to build 150 limited edition K15 bamboo e-bikes and prototype mobile rental shop. - 15-Jul-2015

Scoot Network Goes with GOVEC Electric Scooter
Scoot's choice of the GO! T1.4 opens up new business opportunities for both the scooter sharing service and its members. - 16-Jul-2015

Electric Bolt M1: Barely A Bike
Is there a market for a light-weight, motorcycle-like electric 'bicycle.'? A San Francisco startup is about to find out. - 16-Jul-2015

If Tesla Were a Motorcycle
London, UK-based designer Jans Slapins envisions what a Tesla would look like if it were an electric motorcycle. - 28-Jul-2015

Florida, Israeli Firms Fly Fuel Cell Mini-UAV
Florida's Cella Energy and Israel Aerospace Industries will co-develop a mini-hydrogen fuel cell for the Birdeye mini-UAV. - 29-Jul-2015

Toyota, Hino Test Fuel Cell Transit Bus in Tokyo
Equipped with two Mirai fuel cell stacks and eight high-pressure hydrogen tanks, the Hino bus will test the feasibility of the technology in service in Tokyo. - 29-Jul-2015