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Chevy Begins Testing Its Tesla Model 3 Challenger
GM is claiming its all-electric Bolt is already demonstrating driving range of 200 miles. - 01-Jul-2015

Charles Bombardier Designs Tandem E-Cycle
Collaborating with Cliff Humes,a freelance industrial designer in Toronto, the scion of the wealthy Bombardier family turns his attention to tandem electric enclosed motorcycle. - 01-Jul-2015

Canadian Duo Seeking Rebirth of Electric Sparrow
Beset by financial woes that seen it pass through multiple hands, two Canadian businessmen hope to resurrect the single-seat electric Sparrow. - 01-Jul-2015

Solar Impulse Within Day's Flight of Hawaii
Solar-powered airplane on record-setting flight from Japan to Hawaii has been airborne more than 3 days with Pacific islands within another day of flight. - 02-Jul-2015

2015 Electric Bicycle Worldwide Report Released
The most authoritative report on the status of the light electric vehicle market celebrates its 20th anniversary. - 03-Jul-2015

Turkish University Students Build Affordable Electric Car
Firat University engineering students build road-capable electric car for less than $3,500. - 07-Jul-2015

BYD Introduces Electric Double-Decker London Bus
Originally thought technically impossible, BYD, working with Transport For London, unveiled the world's first all-electric double-decker transit bus. - 07-Jul-2015

Marine 'Hour of Power' Movement Gaining Ground
Increasingly, sea ports are looking to cut air pollution from working ships and boats, and hybrid-electric systems offer a way to achieve that. - 07-Jul-2015

Bultaco Powers Up 2kW Brinco Off-Road E-Bike
Famed Spanish motorcycle maker is back in business with an aggressive new off-road e-bike called the Brinco. - 08-Jul-2015

Tom Finegan Builds an Electric Roadster
If Country Roscommon entrepreneur Tom Finegan achieves his dream, Ireland will get its first indigenously-produced electric car: the Alex eroadster. - 08-Jul-2015