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Gogoro Garners More Accolades
The Gogoro electric scooter is a bold experiment in clean, pollution-free urban mobility. - 12-Jun-2015

Mando Introduces 2nd Gen Footloose IM E-Bike
Mando's 2nd generation chainless electric-assist bicycle gets removable battery pack, a sleeker design and more colors. - 13-Jun-2015

China's 'Google' Makes Self-Driving Car Move with BMW
Where its Google rival is working to replace the driver, Baidu aims to assist them by launching its first self-driving car by the end of the year. - 13-Jun-2015

Are US Carmakers Missing Micro Mobility Trend?
It's a growing trend in Asia from Taiwan to China to Korea and Japan, one that gained credence in Europe with the launch of the Renault Twizy. - 16-Jun-2015

Volta Offers Free Electric Car Charging
California startups business model has major corporate sponsors pay for the installation of public chargers that display advertising. - 17-Jun-2015

Madrid University Develops Emergency E-Motor for Light Planes
A small 30kW electric motor retrofit to existing light aircraft could mean the difference between life and death in the event of engine failure. - 17-Jun-2015

Team Mugen Sets New E-Cycle Record on Isle of Man
John McGuiness set a new lap record during this year's running of the TT Zero electric motorcycle race on the Isle of Man: 119.297 mph. - 17-Jun-2015

Frisky Business: Bollaré's Electric Love Machines
A lot of babies were conceived in the backseat of a car over the last century: why should electric cars be any different? - 17-Jun-2015

Peugeot Partners with Bolloré on Convertible Electric Car
Based on the Bolloré Bluecar platform used in the Autolib carshare system in Paris and soon in London, PSA Peugeot Citroen will build the all-electric convertible. - 19-Jun-2015

Third Hybrid Electric Aircraft Power Plant Debuts
First it was Siemens, than UC3M and now Ashot Ashkelon joins the race to produce electric hybrid propulsion systems for light aircraft. - 19-Jun-2015