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BMW i3: How They Make Them
European Auto Source filmed the many minute steps that it takes to assembly BMW's i3 electric car in this 40-minute video. - 29-May-2015

Tesla Model 3 and Falling Battery Prices
Will Tesla's Model 3 be powered by graphene pseudo-supercapacitors that can be instantly recharged and last the life of the electric car? - 30-May-2015

Hybrid Electic Scooter Gets Solar Canopy
Putting a solar canopy on a hybrid electric motor scooter makes sense in heat-ravaged India. - 30-May-2015

E-Bikes Boost Bicycle Ridership
Norwegian study finds that when its citizens are given the opportunity to ride electric bicycles they ride more and go further. - 30-May-2015

Honda Readies Mass Production Hydrogen Car By 2020
Honda's fuel cell Clarity will have range comparable to it's Toyota counterpart, but pricing hasn't yet been announced. - 30-May-2015

Multi-Rotor Private Aircraft In the Works
Since the Wright Brother's lifted off at Kitty Hawk, dreamers have sought to design and build the 'everyman' airplane, not EV technology might just bring the dream to reality. - 30-May-2015

Oregon Launches Pilot Pay-by-Mile Tax Program
The next pay-by-miles-driven tax scheme will cost each car owner $180 a year based on driving 15,000 miles annually. - 30-May-2015

Solar Impulse Diverts to Japan on Pacific-Spanning Flight
With a powerful and potentially dangerous Pacific cold front blocking its way, the solar-powered Solar Impulse is forced to divert to Japan. - 02-Jun-2015

University of Tokyo Develops Wireless In-Wheel Motor
New in-wheel motor uses magnetic coils to transmit energy across a 10 cm gap, eliminating the need for electric cables. - 02-Jun-2015

Icahn, Apple's Jeff Williams Fuel More Electric Car Speculation
While Apple officially neither confirms nor denies it may be working on an electric car, recent comments by investor Carl Icahn and Jeff Williams add fuel to the fire. - 02-Jun-2015