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SilentHawk Hybrid Motorbike Moves to Next DARPA Phase
Stealthy military dirt bike can operate as series hybrid or all-electric for missions up to 170 miles. - 22-Jan-2015

Silent Running: The Emerging Age of Electric Logistics
The more people who crowd into the world's cities, the greater the need for small, nimble, pollution-free delivery vehicles. - 22-Jan-2015

Around-the-World Solar Flight Plan Announced
Solar Impulse 2 will set off in late February or early March for an around-the-world flight powered only by sunlight. - 27-Jan-2015

E-Bike Battery Fires and How to Prevent Them
?Light Electric Vehicle Association lead instructor, Ed Benjamin offers insights into the infrequent, but always dangerous potential of electric bicycle battery fires. - 29-Jan-2015

E-Drive Truck Market Forecast to Grow Ten-Fold
From current global sales in 2014 estimated at 16,000 units, Navigant Research is forecasting the market for medium duty electric trucks to grow to ten-fold by 2023. - 29-Jan-2015

Opportunity Rover Keeps Setting New Martian Records
It was only designed to operate for 90 Martian days, but on its 11th anniversary of setting down on the Red planet, NASA's out-of-this-world EV, Opportunity, continues to amaze. - 29-Jan-2015

Leipzig Design Group Develops Three-Wheeled Electric Vehicle
Form und Drang of Leipzig, Germany revealed their prototype two-seat electric runabout, going from concept to working model in three years. - 03-Feb-2015

ETRO Agila: The Philippine's Pre-Paid E-cycle
Like pre-paid cellphone services around the world, you will buy the Agila electric motorcycle and prepay for both for the rental of the lithium-ion battery and the electricity to charge it. - 06-Feb-2015

Making Electric Cars Noiser Harder Than Thought
We all originally thought we could create 'cartones' for our electric cars similar to ringtones for our phones. Turns out writing policy governing electric car noise generators is lot more complicated. - 07-Feb-2015

Safer eBike Charging in the Shop
There have been a few costly fires in businesses and homes suspected to have originated in faulty e-bike battery chargers, so LEVA's Lead Instructor, Edward Benjamin highlights an example of a well-prepared set-up to minimize the risk. - 07-Feb-2015