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Toyota Hybrid Batteries Power Yellowstone Facility
208 hybrid battery packs reclaimed from Toyota Camry's are now online, providing backup solar power to Yellowstone National Park's Lamar Buffalo Ranch research station. - 13-May-2015

EO Smart Connecting Car 2 Debuts
It parks itself, pivots on its own axis, and shrinks by 40 percent. Oh yeah, and it's all electric. - 13-May-2015

Do Spark EV Sales Point to Public Attitude Change?
In April 2015, more Chevrolet Spark EV electric cars were sold or leased than the first generation Volt, GM's current 'halo' car. - 13-May-2015

Sway Motorsports: More Fun on Three-Wheels
If you're not comfortable riding a two-wheeled motor scooter, Sway Motorsports will offer you a three-wheeled alternative starting in 2016 - 16-May-2015

Victory Motorcycles to Take On TT Zero Challenge
Victory's prototype electric motorcycle will be entered into the 2015 SES TT Zero Challenge race on the Isle of Mann in the Irish Sea between Wales and Ireland. - 16-May-2015

Hycopter: World's First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Quadracopter
Forget bulky batteries. Hycopter uses its structure to store compressed hydrogen to power its fuel cell generator. - 16-May-2015

Malaysia to Become Electric Car Production Center
The Malaysian city of Gurun will become an electric car production center for Southeast Asia through partnership with China's Beijing Automobile International Corporation and Amber Dual Sdn Bhd. - 19-May-2015

Google Autonomous Cars Hit the Street
Google is about to unleash its self-driving cars on the roads of Mountain View this summer. - 20-May-2015

Volkswagen Debuts GTE Electric Hybrid Concept
The BMW i8 may soon have a serious competitor, the Golf GTE Sport concept, a 400 hp electric plug-in hybrid. - 20-May-2015

BMW i3 Joins DriveNow Carshare Fleets
Electric cars have been part of carshare programs for at least half a decade from Autolib in Paris to Car2Go in San Diego. Now BMW adds the i3 to its DriveNow program in Europe. - 20-May-2015